Studio Pump Barbell Weight Set


Transform Your Home Workout: Experience the ultimate in-home fitness workout with the UK Fitness Studio Pump Set.

Elevate your fitness routine:  The set contains 2 x 5kg + 2 x 2.5kg + 2 x 1.25kg Barbell plates + 140cm Weights Bar Barbell to ensure you get the workout that is right for you

A Gym in Your Hands: Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships and hello to a world of fitness possibilities at home! Whether you’re into cardio, crossfit, or bodybuilding, the Studio Pump Set provides a wide range of weight options.

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UK Fitness Studio Pump Barbell Weight Set

Complete Home Gym Package:  Elevate your home workouts with our all-inclusive UK Fitness Studio Pump Set. The set contains padded barbell 2 x 1.25 2 x 2.5kg 2 x 5kg  weight plates. Maximize your bodybuilding and bench press exercises for incredible results!

UK Fitness studio pump experience: Bring the energy of Body Pump classes into your home! Our Studio Pump Set includes the iconic adjustable barbell and weights. Ensuring you get a high-octane, full-body workout without leaving the house.

Customisable Workouts: Whether you’re into crossfit, aerobic step routines, or simply want to build muscle. This adjustable weights system allows you to tailor your workouts to your needs.

Embark on a fitness journey like no other! With every order, you get a thrill-packed 30 days of exclusive access to a treasure trove of online training classes. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping lineup, including Spin, Step, Yoga, Weight Loss, and an array of electrifying Weight Training sessions, just to name a few!

Unleash your potential with our high-repetition, low-weight training programs that guarantee one thing: results that will blow your mind! Prepare to torch fat, sculpt those muscles, and unleash the fittest version of yourself. Get ready to sweat. Conquer challenges and emerge stronger, leaner, and more energized than ever before. The path to peak fitness starts here, and it’s bound to be an epic ride

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