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Weight Equipment

Using free weights will make you more effective in producing overall muscular strength and power. Weight equipment such as dumbbells and kettlebells work the stabilising muscles that enable you to perform.

Free weight exercises are more closely matched to the natural movements of your muscles and joints. Use of free weights will improve your overall balance and coordination. Free weights are very adaptable and they allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises. The costs of weights are inexpensive, they are portable and take up little amounts of storage space.
Dumbbells and Kettlebells

Dumbbells: Sometimes referred to as hand weights. Dumbbells have a weight plate attached at each end of a dumbbell bar. Dumbbells are great for the strength training and allow short workout times. A full set of dumbbells will allow you to quickly and easily transition between dumbbells. Free weights such as dumbells are easy to store.

Kettlebells: A Kettlebell is a cast iron/rubber encased ball shaped weight with a handle attached. Kettlebells offer a variety of strength training and endurance workouts for a minimal cost. They also take up minimal space, making them ideal for everyone. Some of the newer kettlebells have adjustable weight stacks (known as selectorised kettlebells). Kettlebells typically increment in 2kg steps, starting at 2kg going up to 40kg.