We aim to provide high-quality goods that arrive with you fault free, undamaged and ready to use, however, it might be that goods have to be returned and these are the terms and conditions under which such returns are governed.

If you find you are not content with your purchase you can return it; any return must be advised, by either post, email or phone, within 14days of purchase. The purchase must be returned in the original packaging, in an undamaged state and to include any associated items. Swing tags, labels and original ticketing were applicable must be present.

If the purchase or the packaging is found on return to have been damaged or used, we reserve the right to retain a percentage of the original cost, otherwise, a full goods refund will be made on receipt of the returned purchase. The cost of returning unwanted goods will be covered by the buyer.

These terms and conditions apply only in the event you find that your purchase is in some way not suitable or appropriate. These terms and conditions do not apply to faulty or damaged purchases.